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Accrediting Body ITSSAR
Available To Novice, Experienced, Refresher, Conversion
Candidates Per Course

3 Learners Maximum

There is no minimum required for training to commence.

Training Duration 1–5 Days
Assessment Theory and Practical
Documentation Certificate, Photo ID Card
Learners Receive Training Manual and User Guidance
Training Complies With
  • PUWER 1998
  • LOLER 1998
  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

On-Site Training, Nationwide

Training is delivered on client’s site only.
The client is required to supply all equipment and PPE.
We do not currently offer this course from a training centre.


Course Availability

Depends upon location. Provide your postcode for training dates in your area.


£ Price on Application

Contact us for VNA Training prices, we aim to respond within 60 minutes during office hours.

Group F – Electric Driven

F1 Rider (?) Very Narrow Aisle lateral (&front) stacking trucks – Man Up
F2 Rider (?) Very Narrow Aisle lateral (& front) stacking truck – Man Down

VNA Training Includes

  • Responsibility of the operator
  • Operational Safety Code
  • Site Safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Simple Manoeuvring
  • Advanced Manoeuvring
  • Basic Hydraulic & Electrical systems
  • Daily Safety Checks & Maintenance
  • Refuelling / Recharging
  • Stacking & De-stacking (Free & Racking)
  • Practical Examinations
  • Vehicle Loading (where applicable)

Very Narrow Aisle Truck

Essentially designed for warehouse use where space is limited, VNA Forklifts travel on a fixed rail or guide wire system along the aisles of the warehouse. The forks are attached to a mast capable of rotating 180 degrees so the Truck itself does not need to turn in the aisle. This means that the VNA Forklift can operate in much narrower spaces and the operator is only required to steer the Forklift from one aisle to the next. This design allows storage facilities to make exceptional use of available space and is common in areas where property and land prices are high.

There are two variants of the Very Narrow Aisle Forklift; Man Up and Man Down.

VNA Man Up elevates the operative to the picking level allowing for greater visibility. The operative is normally contained within a cage to prevent falls but some employers / organisations may choose to implement a fall restraint harness as an additional safety measure.

The operator of a VNA Man Down Truck remains on the ground level at all times. VNA Man Down Trucks may be fitted with a camera or a computer controlled sytem to assist the Forklift driver in positioning the forks at the correct height for picking a load.

Training Information

Very Narrow Aisle training conforms to the standards contained in the HSE publication Approved Code of Practice L117 ‘Rider-operated lift trucks: Operator training’. Didac VNA training is accredited to ITSSAR whom the ACOP L117 specify as a body competent to accredit and monitor Lift Truck training providers.

Successful VNA Forklift training candidates achieve a VNA licence in the form of a photo ID card and VNA certificate.

A refresher VNA course is recommended best practice for operatives to eliminate bad habits and update on current legislation regarding the use of Lift Trucks. As a guideline, VNA licence training should be refreshed every 3 – 5 years (as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive) but some discretion should be exercised to maintain competency and ensure safety.

VNA Truck training candidates must have appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety footwear and hi viz coat or vest. The client is responsible for supplying this PPE and must be worn at all times during VNA driver training.

Training to achieve a VNA license can be delivered on-site throughout the UK. Narrow Aisle Forklift training cost depends on the location where training is delivered and includes VNA Forklift licence documents.

Nationwide Delivery

Didac deliver VNA licence training to any location across the UK. Some recent VNA Forklift training locations include:

  • Bristol
  • Coventry
  • Dorset
  • Hampshire
  • Leicester
  • London
  • Nottingham
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • Yorkshire