The long awaited newly revised version of the ‘Rider-operated lift trucks operator training and safe use’ approved code of practice and guidance (ACOP L117) was finally launched in March 2013. This is the third edition of the ACOP after its initial launch back in 1988.

The new document combines the old L117 and parts of the guidance document HSG6 (safety in working with lift trucks). The revised edition is aimed at employers and those responsible for the safe operation of lift trucks. This includes the self-employed, managers and supervisors as well as those in control of work sites.

The ACOP outlines the main legal requirements relating to the training of operators of lift trucks as well as information on the management and supervision of lift truck operators. There is also good guidance on the safe use of lift trucks and how to protect pedestrians. It also contains guidance on the maintenance and thorough examination of lift trucks.

The ACOP text refers to stacking rider operator lift trucks which basically means any truck capable of carrying an operator and includes trucks controlled from both seated and stand on positions. Examples of these trucks are-

These are just some of the applicable trucks but the list is not exhaustive.

The ACOP also gives advice on medical considerations, training requirements including structure and content. It is strongly advised that anybody with responsibility for forklift operations within a company familiarise themselves with the new guidance.

A free download of the new L117 can be found at: