A construction employee from Blacon suffered serious injuries after falling from a scaffold while working on a house in Trafford.

Work activities were brought to an immediate halt upon investigation of the incident by a Health and Safety Executive. The construction firm employing the victim — New Generation (Manchester) Ltd. — received six enforcement notices that demanded site improvements.

Although the incident occurred on 31 May 2011, Trafford Magistrates Court didn’t assemble a hearing until nearly a year later. Prosecutors took particular note of the scaffold’s lack of a safety rail, among other site hazards.

After pleading guilty to three offenses — including breaking Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 13(2), 26(2), and 27(1) — the company was penalised a total of £7900 in fines and prosecution costs.

“The state of the Carrwood site was an absolute disgrace when we visited it,” said Ian Betley, an HSE Inspector involved in the prosecution of the company. “We immediately issued six enforcement notices to ensure the safety of the people working there.”

The victim, 44, received multiple injuries to his right leg, including a dislocated knee and several broken bones.

“Health and safety laws exist for a reason,” Betley later added. “And if this company had taken notice of them then [the victim’s] fall could have been avoided.”

Betley’s emphasis on the law comes with plenty of empirical concern. HSE reports that 50 people died in 2010/11 while working in the construction industry in Great Britain, with nearly 3,000 others receiving major injuries.

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